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What Is A Rivet Nut?


Rivet Nuts are generally considered to be rivet nuts, but some friends also call rivet nuts rivet nuts, so it is better to say the full name when choosing, although they can be used for thin plate connection, but in practical application There are still differences. For example, the rivet nut must be used on the thin plate, and the rivet nut cannot be used in the finished product, but the rivet nut can be used in both finished and semi-finished products. In addition to being called a rivet nut, a rivet nut is also called a self-fastening nut. Its shape is very different from that of a rivet nut. The rivet nut is round, and one end has embossed teeth and guide grooves. 


How do Self Clinching Nuts work?

When using a rivet nut, usually a riveting machine is used for riveting. The embossing tooth is pressed into the preset hole of the sheet metal, and the flower tooth of the rivet nut is squeezed into the sheet under pressure, so that the pre-set Plastic deformation occurs near the setting hole, and the deformed object will be squeezed into the guide groove of the rivet nut, thereby producing a locking effect.

What are the advantages of rivet nuts?

There are many advantages when rivet nuts are used for thin plate connection.

The back of the plate using the rivet nut can be kept flat and there will be no protrusions;

Clinching nut self clinching fasteners are small and precise, suitable for use in various electronic or precision equipment;

Pressure riveting nuts have high torque resistance;

The installation of the pressure riveting nut is more convenient, as long as the pressure riveting machine is used;

The specifications of the rivet nuts are serialized, divided into S series, CLS series, and SP series of rivet nuts, which can meet various design requirements.

Rivet nuts are mostly used in sheet metal, chassis cabinet production, equipment production, water pumps, automobiles, precision equipment, electronic equipment and other fields.

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