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The Installation Of Rivet Nut Parts


Lifespan of self clinching fasteners

1. Be sure to comply with the mounting holes of the specified size for each pressure riveting fastener;

2. Make sure that the bottom end (or guide groove) of the riveting fastener is in the placement hole before applying the placement force. Developed to solve the shortcomings of metal sheets and thin tubes that weld nuts are easy to melt, and tapping internal threads is easy to slip. It does not need tapping internal threads or welding nuts.

Types of flare-in nuts: flat head, small head, hexagonal and half hexagonal Rivet Nuts, with through holes, with blind holes, with knurling and without knurling.

3. Ensure that the fastening force is applied between parallel surfaces. The fastening force is to prevent twisting when using fixed fasteners and during assembly.

4. Ensure that sufficient seating force is applied to fully engage the snap ring along the entire perimeter and to make the boss surface just in contact with the board.


Contraindications for the construction of Rivet Nut Fasteners:

1. Do not install carbon steel pressure riveting fasteners or stainless steel pressure riveting fasteners before the aluminum plate is anodized or surface treated.

2. Do not remove the surrounding burrs before installing the pressure riveting fasteners --- because removing the burrs will consume the metal used to fasten the fasteners and the plate.

3. Do not install pressure riveting fasteners closer to the Z short edge distance in this table. (Except for using a special jig to protect the edge of the panel from bulging.)

4. Do not squeeze too much, this will flatten the head, distort the threads and bend the plate. Before mass production, the placement force should be determined.

5. Do not try to use a hammer to install the fasteners. The hammer will not make the sheet move smoothly and interlock with the contour of the fasteners.

6. Do not install the screws from the head of the fastener. It must be installed from the opposite side of the head of the fastener so that the force of the fastener can be directed toward the plate.

7. Do not place pressure riveting fasteners on the pre-coating of the board.

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